I bought my first few on a whim at AX '05, it always starts small... My original focus was Sylia Stingray of Bubblegum Crisis: Tokyo 2040, but I have expanded into other series.

My focus is on female characters, especially the "anime blues." I generally look for more mature characters as well, but there are a few exceptions, e.g. YAT.

I have been referred to as an "aesthetic" collector. This seems to be fitting as I often don't have a problem bidding on cels from shows I have not yet seen.

Please feel free to send me comments!

News & Updates

7/12/2010I apologize for the horizontal scan line artifacts on the most recent updates. Those are not on the cels! I am using my backup scanner as the main scanner's lamp likes to make the top 1/3 yellow now. There are a couple scans with the main scanner where I could live with it. I looked for a new scanner in Best Buy and they are all multifunction now! So, if I want to solve this problem, I will have to buy one online. Is this progress? I could easily buy a scanner in a local store just a couple years ago.
7/4/2010Updates! ...yes, I'm still around, but hadn't scanned a cel in years. I'm remembering how difficult it is now, but I still have a stack of cels to go through and bought some cels at AX today, so I will be busy for a while!
10/25/2007Sorry for the delay. However, I have finally added the Lynn Minmay cel to my RS site!
9/1/2007For all the beautiful women I have put on my site, I was lacking two in particular... The first to be added is: Belldandy

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Title Last Updated
Ah! My Goddess (3) 7/10/2010
Battle Athletes (4) 7/17/2010
BGCT-2040: Others (5) 8/22/2006
BGCT-2040: Sylia (21) 6/5/2007
Card Captor Sakura (10) 7/6/2010
City Hunter: Kaori (3) 7/5/2010
City Hunter: Others (14) 8/14/2007
City Hunter: Ryo (1) 8/29/2006
City Hunter: Saeko (7) 10/14/2006
Crest of the Stars (8) 12/7/2006
Dual! (2) 5/19/2006
El Hazard (8) 7/4/2010
Elementalors (4) 8/29/2006
Five Star Stories (1) 1/30/2007
Gunbuster (1) 9/21/2006
Gundam (3) 6/25/2006
Idol Defense Force H. (8) 11/7/2006
KOR: Hikaru (6) 5/16/2006
Legend of Moby Dick (10) 12/10/2010
Lodoss (2) 6/7/2006
Lupin III (2) 5/17/2006
Macross 7 (1) 6/25/2006
Macross II (1) 8/1/2006
Macross: DYRL (1) 10/25/2007
Magic Knight Rayearth (6) 7/17/2010
Nadesico (3) 7/5/2010
Neon Genesis Evangelion (1) 7/5/2010
Nightwalker (1) 7/3/2006
Other (14) 7/10/2010
Princess Nine (20) 7/5/2010
Repros & Fan-Art (2) 1/30/2007
Sakura Taisen (6) 1/30/2007
X (1) 11/27/2007
YAT (10) 7/5/2010
You're Under Arrest (11) 4/1/2006

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